Freelance Brand Designer. 
Crop reimagines salads, proving they're more than just appetizers. Our flavorful, fun, and visually appealing branding proves that nutritious and fresh options can be exciting.
Brand Visual Identity | Brand Strategy | Packaging | Creative Direction
Gabriel Añez @gab.anez
Crop was created by 3 friends who observed a gap in the Caracas market for a unique option for those seeking fun and different ways to consume salads and bowls, catering to both health-conscious and those looking for a complete meal. They aspire to fast but less harmful food, easy access, always fresh, and varied options.
Crop aims to stand out in the market through a unique concept, emphasizing freshness, versatility, and quick service while establishing a distinctive brand identity. 
Copywriting plays a vital role in the brand identity of Crop. With an irreverent, punny, and bold character, Crop's personality shines through.
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