Freelance Graphic Designer

Established in 2018, La Churroteca serves up premium churros with a diverse menu. I have played a key role in crafting La Churroteca's visual identity, designing mostly everything from the menu to packaging, and illustrations. I am also actively involved in vital visual decisions, shaping the brand's overall identity.

Packaging, Menu Design, Illustration, Creative Direction

From the moment you step into La Churroteca, the irregular hexagon, a cornerstone of our logo, sets the stage for a uniquely cohesive experience. I've ensured that every detail, from the menu to the packaging, aligns with the brand's identity. 
The menu, uniquely designed in the same shape, features an innovative solution to a common question about churro sizes. I added a ruler to measure 22cm for the largest churro and 11cm for the mini churro. This design not only matches our brand identity but also cleverly answers a frequent question.

Mobile Version for Social Media

I've introduced interactive paper placemats with engaging questions for customers while they wait for their orders. The questions explore their favorite store aspects, preferred flavors, and suggestions for new ones. This initiative not only fosters a dynamic relationship with customers but also serves as a valuable channel for gathering insightful feedback. Their creative expressions on the placemat become user-generated content on social media, showcasing contributions and building a sense of community.

Custom Illustrations

Fidelity Cards

Beyond the in-person experience, La Churroteca extends its presence to the streets through its food truck, delivery services, and participation in public events. I've curated the visual identity for their delivery boxes and paper bags. Additionally, I've designed the presentation for their mini churros, named Churro POPS, which have gained popularity as the go-to sweet snack at baseball stadiums, offering a delightful treat for fans to enjoy during the game.
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