Freelance Packaging Designer
Minalba Sparkling expands into mixers with soda and aguakina (tonic water). I designed vibrant cans that capture the brand's bubbly, and fun essence in a competitive landscape. Targeting mixology enthusiasts, the brand aims to be the preferred choice in every Venezuelan's drinking experience.
Having previously collaborated on rebranding their sparkling water line with a fresh and youthful identity, this new project allowed me to elevate it further. Taking a more mature and bold approach to the familiar concept was both challenging and exciting.
Strategically choosing blue for Soda and yellow for Aguakina, I prioritized clear identification and distinctiveness within the category. Of course, we also incorporated Minalba Sparkling's signature bubbles throughout the design, creating a cohesive experience across all their products.
Since its launch in November 2023, the product is now sold everywhere – from supermarkets to bars and even private events. The introduction of Soda and Aguakina by Minalba Sparkling has been an immediate success and has contributed to the continuous growth of Minalba Sparkling as a leader in the industry.
The design journey for Minalba Sparkling's cans involved an extensive 10-month process, with numerous ideas and approximately 50 variations explored before arriving at the final product. 
Each stage of the project was dedicated to studying and refining the design, ensuring that every detail was thoughtfully considered, even the positioning of each bubble. 
The commitment to perfection and attention to detail throughout the process reflect the dedication to delivering a final product that truly stands out.
Minalba Sparkling introduced the 'Celebrate Your New Sparkling Moment' launch campaign. 
I designed a collection of materials, such as custom sunbeds, tote bags, a display fridge, PR materials, and coasters, all presented in pairs to ensure equal attention to both products.
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