Freelance Packaging Designer | Winner of the contest "Design Christmas with Oreo" in Caracas, Venezuela. 2022.
Oreo has taken a bold step by incorporating its audience into the Christmas packaging design process. The concept I contributed was selected for Christmas 2022 in Venezuela. Each Oreo box was not just a treat for the taste buds but also a visually stunning celebration of the holidays.
Embracing the charm of an ugly sweater, the entire box is adorned with a knitted texture.
To add a touch of holiday spirit, I designed a pattern in Adobe Illustrator, incorporating Oreos, milk glasses, and snowflakes. The outcome? A cozy, festive, and delightful Oreo box.
To elevate the gifting experience, each box features a charming Oreo-shaped gift tag on top. This thoughtful detail allows the packaging to double as a perfect present, reinforcing the concept of 'This Christmas, we gift Oreo'
To amplify the festive spirit, Oreo brought the pattern to life by creating actual ugly sweaters. As a special prize for a giveaway, lucky winners received these unique sweaters, showcasing the pattern I designed. I was fortunate enough to get one myself.
"Esta Navidad Se Regala Oreo" = This Christmas, we gift Oreo.
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